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Small Groups are an essential ingredient to the life of all healthy growing churches, enabling relationships to flourish, discipleship to grow and resulting in local mission and outreach. Please note: When speaking of ‘small groups’ we are not simply refering to adult groups.  We have a vision for a wider network of groups naturally gathering people of all ages around: interests, passions, geographical location, mixed groups, single sex groups, familiy groups etc – this is a WHOLE CHURCH APPROACH from the youngest to the oldest!

Small groups are therefore the primary vehicle through which we are able to grow disciples, nurture leaders and engage in mission.

We believe that this a biblical model of discipleship – that Jesus calls us to Himself (Matt 4: 19) He spends time teaching about the Kingdom & what it means to live in right relationship with the Father (Jn 15). He spends time demonstrating the reality of the presence of the Kingdom, signs & wonders (Matt 4: 23) Jesus spends time in prayer (Mk 1:35) & then He releases His disciples to continue to live out the life that they have experienced (Matt 10.) with a promise that ‘all who have faith in me will do the works that I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these…” (Jn 14: 12)

Connect is the overarching name for our small group network –whether that be home groups, life groups, litter pick groups etc.  The term Connect is there to remind us of our primary focus to:

Connect through radical dependency on God

Connect through radical devotion to each other

Connect through radical outreach to the world

The term Connect also highlights that we are members of the body of Christ and therefore we are seeking to connect different parts of the body together, resulting in greater unity and effectiveness of discipleship and mission. 

Each Connect Group is characterised by three distinct dimensions:

Upwards, Inwards & Outwards

  1. We intentionally seek to grow ‘UPWARDS’ through Radical Dependency on God.  We believe that Jesus invites us to become His disciples and to fully share in the Kingdom of God.  To live our lives fully for God the Father, through Jesus the Son in the power the Holy Spirit – expressed through worship, prayer & studying God’s word.
  1. We intentionally seek to grow ‘INWARDS’ through a Radial Devotion to each other.  We are created to live in community and therefore as a church family we desire to grow in our relationship and commitment to each other, through growing healthy, accountable, & mutally supportive relationships within a supportive, prayerful and fun environment.
  1. We intentionally seek to grow ‘OUTWARDS’ through Radical Outreach to the World.  We believe that Jesus has commissioned us to work towards transforming our community through the love of Christ. Serving others and reaching out to those beyond the walls of the ‘church’ is a natural fruit of discipleship.  We believe we have ‘GOOD NEWS’ and as such we are called to share it.

We also believe that we have a responsibily to suport the work of the Church beyond our immediate community and therefore commit to seeking to further develop our relationship with the Diocese of Kajo Keji, South Sudan and other appropriate partnerships.

Therefore, Connect Groups are an invitation to live 3 dimensionally for the Kingdom of God!

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Sundays 13 & 20 August

10.00 Family Holy Communion

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All the ministries at St James' Church are financed through the generosity of its members.

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