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Later this year several families from St James will be going out to Mexico to work in slum areas witha view to buiding dewllings for people out there.

This project is entirely self funding.  Each family is tasked with raising money to fund the project

To hep them we held a fundraising concert in St James at the end of February which raised about £680 through the generocity of those who came to the event. 

At the end of July this year four families from St James' will be heading off to Mexico to build a home for a family that currently live in a slum area in the northern part of the country. Unemployment in Mexico is estimated to be at 40% and poverty is at the highest level since 1981.
The four St James' families which comprise of four Triffits, three Morrises, four Sibsons and six Burholts with ages ranging from 14 upwards will be carrying out a range of building tasks over 7 days. using only basic hand tools. The main tasks include laying a concrete floor, putting up a wooden framed shell, covering the walls with wire a stucco (mortar) and putting on a tin roof. Each home has the luxury of two rooms and lockable windows and a door. It also has the major advantages of not leaking when it rains and the roof not getting blown off when during one of their storms.
We will be staying in a compound but under canvas and have been told that temperatures are likely to exceed 35 degrees centigrade every day.
All of our fundraising events to date and the Mexican Evening on 25th April are for the building materials used for the house.
Fundraising is going well with over half the money already paid over to the charity. Only one half left to go!
We will be able to spend a few days in San Diego as we transit from Mexico back into the USA and then back to the UK and we'll be looking forward to a proper soak in a bath or take a long overdue shower.
Prayer topics: Safe travel for the St James' families. That we touch the lives of the Mexican family with our work. That our families are touched by the lives of the Mexican families we meet.

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All the ministries at St James' Church are financed through the generosity of its members.

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