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Jesus .... What Did Jesus Do?


We often ask ourselves What Would Jesus Do, WWJD, but often what we need to know is WDJD, What Did Jesus Do?

‘Jesus…’ is the new sermon series at St James’ looking at what Jesus actually did.  The series covers some of the basics of what Jesus did and who he was, as well as looking at some of the often overlooked aspects of his life.

It is hoped the series will have a wide audience; with those on the fringes of faith getting as much from it as church regulars. Each talk is stand-alone, which means you’ll get something from each one, but following the series will paint a fuller picture of what Jesus did.

As a taster, talks in the series include:  Jesus… ‘rewrote the rules’, ‘dated the undateables’, ‘did good religion’ and ‘napped’.

The series runs from February 5th all the way through to July 16th, and during it our Connect Groups will go a bit deeper into the life of Jesus, using the Swedish Bible Study tool to explore the Bible readings from the series. 

The series was devised in-house by Paul, Jennifer, Becky, Steve, Keith and Mike.    

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Jesus ... Worthy of Honour, Praise and Glory
Jesus ... didn't play judge and jury
Jesus .... mended people
Jesus ... knew how to party
Jesus ... was always on the move
Jesus ... forgave
Jesus ... had no boundaries
Jesus ... was (is still) King
Jesus ... had issues with money
Jesus ... had more than one body
Jesus ... knew stuff
Jesus ... wasn't working alone
Jesus .... 5
Jesus ... got angry
Jesus ... dated the undateable
Jesus ... rewrote the rules
Jesus ..... was not your average bloke

Sunday 28 May

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